Meet The Artist - Joelle Martin


Joëlle Martin is a watercolor, oil and acrylic painter living in Dunsinane, NB.
Her studio at Mon Pré Collection is located in her peaceful lodge by the lake where she slowly brings her artworks to life.
Originally a makeup artist, Joëlle merged her painting skills with her 15 years of makeup artistry experience bringing about an aesthetic that is detailed and layered along with a whimsical and playful twist on realism.
Creating images of the natural world allows her to continually explore new subjects and places, inviting the viewer to see nature in diverse ways.
She has captured the iconic Dorchester Sandpiper so beautifully, and we have used her original artwork to create our all the carefully curated pieces in our Sandpiper collection.
As with all her work Joelle’s hope is that her Sandpiper will bring on a sense of wonder, and inspire you to take a closer look at the perfect beauty of nature.